Advantix for Dogs

Advantix for Dogs is the only topical parasite treatment that will protect your canine companion against fleas, ticks, biting flies, mosquitoes and sandflies in one simple dose.

Monthly treatment with Advantix for Dogs will protect your dog against mosquitoes, sandflies, biting flies, fleas, brown ticks and bush ticks. For protection against deadly paralysis ticks Advantix must be applied on a fortnightly basis. Suitable for Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large dogs.

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About Advantix for Dogs

Advantix for Dogs is an affordable ‘spot on’ solution for the treatment and prevention of fleas, ticks, biting flies, mosquitoes and lice on dogs. It is highly effective against the most common external parasites. Advantix prevents these parasites from biting your dog, reducing the risk of transmitting diseases and relieving your dog of the discomfort these nasties can cause.

Advantix for Dogs has been specifically formulated for your canine companion. It acts fast and starts killing fleas in a matter of minutes. Advantix protects your dog by repelling and killing ticks. It also repels mosquitoes and substantially reduces mosquito bites. Advantix for Dogs is waterproof provided you let the solution absorb for 48 hours without coming into contact with water.

One application of Advantix for Dogs lasts up to a month, although it is recommended that you apply the appropriate dose fortnightly to protect against paralysis ticks. The product’s active ingredients are imidacloprid and permethrin. Advantix is a relatively cheap tick and flea preventative option that can potentially prevent a costly and life threatening visit to the vet.

Why We Choose Advantix

When choosing which flea and tick treatments make it into the Love That Pet range we spend a significant amount of time reviewing, assessing and road testing each product for efficacy, safety and ease of use. Only when a flea or tick treatment meets our high standards does it receive the Love That Pet tick of approval. Here are key reasons why the team at Love That Pet endorses Advantix for Dogs and Puppies.

Dual Action Flea & Tick Control. As a dual action product Advantix forDogs provides your pet with protection against fleas and ticks as well as repelling biting flies, mosquitoes and lice. We recommend Advantix for flea and tick control because it:

  • Stops fleas from biting within just 5 minutes of application
  • Kills adult fleas and their larvae within 20 minutes of application
  • Help eliminate fleas in your dog’s surroundings by breaking the flea life cycle
  • Is specially formulated to protect your dog from deadly Australian paralysis ticks. When applied fortnightly, Advantix both repels and kills paralysis ticks before they have the chance to take hold

Easy To Apply. Advantix for Dogs is easy to apply to your canine companion. Simply take one of the applicator tubes from the pack and apply the solution as a spot between your dog’s shoulder blades. The applicator tubes contain pre-measured doses according to the size of your dog. You simply need to make sure the solution is in contact with the skin and not just your dog’s coat for it to be effective. Applications are monthly for protection against fleas and fortnightly for paralysis ticks making it an easy part of your dogs health care routine.

Safe. Advantix for Dogs was developed by Bayer Animal Health to provide a safe, effective tick and flea preventative in an easily-applied top-spot. Advantix has the added advantage of repelling mosquitoes, sandflies and biting flies and works to kill fleas fast.The stringent manufacturing practices at Bayer ensure Advantix is extensively safety tested and highly effective.

Advantix is therefore safe to use on your dog and it is unlikely that your pet will experience side effects, so long as it is used properly with the appropriate dose. If skin irritation occurs, wash the solution off and consult a vet. Advantix is not toxic for dogs, however, care should be taken that cats do not come into contact with the solution as permethrin, one of the key ingredients in Advantix, is poisonous to cats.

Waterproof. Advantix for Dogs is waterproof provided the solution is left to absorb over the first 48 hours after application. That means no baths or swimming in the days immediately following the application until the solution has been absorbed into the skin. Once the solution has been absorbed, your dog can be bathed and can go for a swim and the Advantix will continue to be effective.

Long Lasting. Advantix for Dogs is effective on common parasites such as fleas, mosquitoes and brown ticks for one month. After one month it needs to be reapplied. If you live in an area known for paralysis ticks, Advantix needs to be applied every fortnight to provide maximum protection from these deadly parasites.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Advantix work?

Advantix is a chemical solution applied as a spot between your dog’s shoulder blades. It needs to be applied directly to the skin and not just the dog’s coat. It is then absorbed into your dog’s skin and any parasite that comes into contact with the skin is repelled and killed.

What is the main ingredient in Advantix?

The active ingredients are imidacloprid and permethrin. These are safe and effective in dogs, however, cats should not come into contact with permethrin as they are unable to process the chemical and this can result in poisoning.

What size Advantix should I use on my dog?

Advantix comes in four sizes based on the weight of your dog and is recommended for puppies older than 7 weeks. If your dog weighs:

Why Choose Us

At Love That Pet we’re committed to bringing pet parents and their pets Amazing Care advice, Astounding Value pet supplies and truly Awesome Service each and every day. That’s why we dedicate so much time to finding, testing and selecting only the very best flea and tick products. It’s just one of the many reasons why we’re Australia’s fastest growing pet care company.

Buy Advantix online with confidence knowing that the team at Love That Pet strive every day to deliver the best price and value combined with the best flea and tick treatment advice for you and your pet.