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Here at Love That Pet our sole focus is on delivering to our community exceptional pet supplies online that have been carefully researched and fully tested by our team; only when they have passed our stringent examination do we add these products to our online pet store.

Take a moment to read through some of our detailed reviews on products like Advantix, ComfortisFrontline Plus and Nexgard as well as our range of dog collars, harnesses and pet toys.

Dog Store

Dog Store

Explore our dog care range and discover expert advice to help ensure you choose the right products for your canine companion.

Cat Store

Cat Store

Explore our cat care range and discover expert advice to help ensure you choose the products that are right for your feline friend.



Explore our complete pet care range and discover why the brands we choose represent astounding value for you and your pet.

About the Love That Pet Store

As devoted pet parents to some pretty cool fur-kids we’ve experienced first hand how much time can be spent trying to find the right pet supplies, services and advice to meet our pet’s needs.

That’s why we created the Love That Pet Store, an online pet store dedicated to bringing you rich, engaging pet care advice and a range of trusted pet products online. We tie this all together with a customer experience designed to ensure you spend less time worrying about your online pet supplies needs and more time doing the things you and your dog or cat or small pet love to do together.

It’s a simple idea and it all comes down to Amazing Care, Astounding Value and Awesome Service.

Amazing Care

At Love That Pet we believe that Amazing Care starts with helping you find the best products to meet your pets needs and lifestyle. All our products undergo a rigorous testing and review process by our team of highly experienced vets and it is only those pet products that meet all of our standards that make it into our store. Each of our pet products is also supported by expert reviews and ‘how to’ guides to help ensure you and your pet get the most out of your purchases.

Astounding Value

At Love That Pet we believe Astounding Value means giving you and your pet access to everyday low prices on your favourite pet supplies. When your pet runs out of flea protection the last thing you need is to jump online only to discover that the product you last bought on sale is now full price. At Love That Pet we promise to deliver everyday prices that offer consistently better value than the other major pet retailers. We also believe in transparent pricing. That means you won’t ever find us quibbling over a few cents. Instead, all our prices are rounded down to the nearest dollar, after all, what a few cents between lifelong furry friends.

Awesome Service

At Love That Pet we believe Awesome Service starts and ends with a smile. If you are looking for pet supplies online then we promise a customer experience that will make you say ‘Wow’, this includes:

  • $5 Flat-Rate Shipping, Australia Wide
  • Free Shipping on all orders over $100
  • Free Returns for 365 days
  • Same Day Dispatch on all orders before 3PM

And remember, whether you are look for pet supplies or pet care information, the Love That Pet team are here to help, simply give us a call on 1300 568738.