Cleanliness is vital when dealing with frogs. They absorb substances through their skin. For example, if you have lotion on your hands, it could poison your frog. Always, always, always wash your hands before handling your frog, and have an extra rinse after you think the soap is gone.

For your own sake, wash your hands after handling your frog, and after cleaning the terrarium, too.

Your frog will slough (shed) skin from time to time. If he seems to be having trouble or if it takes longer than usual, consult your vet.


Pet frogs spend most or all of their time in their terrarium. The terrarium must be kept out of direct sunlight. Keep it away from the kitchen, because certain of the fumes from cooking can hurt your frog. Likewise, if anyone in your family uses aerosol products (spray paints for hobbies, hair spray, and so on), keep the terrarium away from the areas where these are used. Other than that, frogs can live quite happily in any home.


It isn’t really a good idea to handle frogs much. Handling them is hard on their delicate little bodies. These pets are the kind you watch, rather than the kind you play with. Therefore, training isn’t needed.


A license is required to keep frogs as pets in Australia. Each state and territory has a different set of regulations governing amphibian ownership so it’s important that you understand the requirements set down by your local authority:

If you considering a move interstate in the future be sure to check the license restrictions for keeping frogs in your destination state or territory. The classification systems vary significantly between jurisdictions and a frog that is legal in your home state may not be legal or require a very different license type in another state. The last thing you want is to have to say goodbye to ‘Frogger’ because you are no longer able to keep him.


Now that you’ve decided that a frog is the right pet for your family, what is the next step? Go to the licence site that was mentioned above, and check out the requirements. Then read about the kinds of frogs that are legal with a beginner’s licence. Choose a variety of frog, start setting up an enclosure, and track down a local vet who treats frogs.

Get ready to bring a frog into your family.