Make sure your Ferret is on their back for this trick before you begin:

  1. Show your Ferret the treat that you have in your hand and then slowly move it to one side of their head (your Ferret will get curious and will naturally move their head to try and get the treat from you);
  2. Bring the treat around the back of their head. If you keep moving the treat, they will eventually not be able to move their head in time to get the treat, which will mean that he will have to roll over to get the treat;
  3. Praise your Ferret and give him a treat


This trick is a little harder than the other tricks and will take time:

  1. Tell your Ferret to stay (Ensure they are able to do this trick well before teaching them how to come to you!);
  2. Hold a treat one metre away from them. When they go to walk to you, say ‘Come [name]’ slowly and clearly (it is good idea to use your Ferrets name as they will understand that you are talking to them). Keep practicing these two steps for the next couple of days;
  3. Once your Ferret has mastered steps one and two, hold a treat 2 metres away from them and repeat steps one and two. Once they have mastered this, move the treat 3 metres away and again repeat steps one and two;
  4. The entire process may take 1-2 weeks. Make sure to reward your Ferret’s hard work with lots of affection and treats for when they complete each task!


This one is pretty useful if you have let your ferret go for a wander around the house and you’ve lost sight of them.

  1. Buy a squeaky toy
  2. Call their name and squeak the toy – many ferrets come running to the sound of the squeaker (unless they’re in a dead sleep) – give them a treat when they come
  3. Gradually reduce the amount of squeaking until they are coming to their name – keep rewarding
  4. Reduce how often you call their name so they come when their name is only said once – reward this


The last trick is a fun one and will really show off your Ferret’s skills and intelligence once they have mastered it:

  1. Take a hoop and place it down on the ground;
  2. Hold a treat on the other side of the hoop. By this stage your Ferret knows how to come to you, so call their name slowly and loudly and show them that you have a treat for them. When they are close to the hoop, say ‘Jump!’
  3. Once they have jumped through the hoop give them lots of praise and a treat for their efforts. This will take a few days for your Ferret to master, so keep at it;
  4. Once they are able to complete steps one through three, it’s time for the last step. Place the hoop on top of a book or a piece of wood (or anything flat and with a little bit of height for that matter!) and repeat steps one through three again. Your pet will eventually realize that they need to jump to get the treat!


Hopefully we’ve shown you how intelligent this adorable, furry creature can be. Despite popular belief, Ferrets are not dirty (it is up to their owners to keep them along with their litter boxes clean) and although they may have a slightly distinct smell, they really don’t smell all that bad! They are low maintenance, family pets and require the same amount of attention that you would give to a cat. Shower them with affection (and tasty treats!) and you will win over their little hearts.

Ferrets make fun and clever pets and will have your family falling in love with them and their neat tricks in no time! (Just remember not to leave anything valuable around in case your furry bandits feel like picking your pocket!)