Small Pet Care

Are you looking for a small pet for your space challenged home? We share our tips for choosing and caring for a pocket sized family member.

choosing the right bird for you

Bird Care

From softbills to parrots we share our tips and advice for ensuring your feathered friend is happy, healthy and content.

140225-White Ferret

Ferret Care

Get all the answers to your ferret care questions with our complete ferret care guide. From food and health to training and behaviour.

caring for your pet frog

Frog Care

Frogs make truly amazing pocket pets but keeping them happy, healthy and content requires the right home environment and diet.

caring for your goldfish

Goldfish Care

Goldfish are as popular as they are beautiful. With proper care and housing, these colourful fish can live for 20 years or more.

caring for your pet guinea pig

Guinea Pig Care

Guinea Pigs might well be the gentlest of all pets. Happiest in small groups, these rodents are delicate but very easy to care for.

caring for your pet hamster

Hamster Care

Golden Hamsters make delightful pets. Solitary but affectionate, they are well-suited to pet parents who are most active at night.


Hermit Crab Care

Hermit crabs make adorable pets but these little packages of cuteness are surprisingly high-maintenance and require exacting care.

caring for your pet mouse

Mouse Care

Mice are inquisitive and friendly pocket sized pets. With the proper care, they will keep your family entertained for hours on end.

small pet care

Rabbit Care

Rabbits are popular family pets. Armed with the right knowledge, keeping your bunny happy and healthy is relatively easy.

caring for your pet rat

Rat Care

Rats are cuddly, friendly and intelligent pets. They are reasonably easy to keep healthy, making them an ideal pet for young families.

caring for your pet snake

Snake Care

Bringing a pet Snake into your family requires preparation. You also need to ensure that everyone will be comfortable with the new addition.

caring for your tropical fish

Tropical Fish Care

If you choose the types of fish carefully, Tropical Fish are great pets for almost any household. Check out our fish care tips for beginners.

caring for your pet turtle

Turtle Care

Freshwater Turtles are endearing pets but they do require very specific care and a comfortable environment to remain in tip top shape.

caring for your pet rabbit

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When we think of pets many peoples’ first thoughts are about dogs, cats and birds. However, of the estimated 33 million pets in Australia there are over 18 million fish and 1 million small pets, that’s close to 58% of the total pet population.

Why have small pets grown in popularity over the past decade? First, as populations in metropolitan areas increasingly opt for apartments and townhouses over the traditional family home, available space becomes a critical factor in choosing a family pet. Second, in a world that places increasingly large demands on our time and income, many people are unable to commit to caring for a dog or a cat.

Fortunately, there are a variety of small pets available to suit every space and lifestyle from guinea pigs and rabbits to snakes and turtles. As a result, responsible pet ownership is now more accessible than ever. Our small pet care articles have been developed to give you a high-level view of each animals needs and are regularly reviewed to ensure that you have the information you need to decide which small pet is right for you.

If you have a question about small pets or an article suggestion please drop us a line – we’d love to hear from you and learn more about your small pet care needs.