Dog Products

When it comes to dog products there certainly are a lot of options. We share our thoughts on what products best meet your dog’s needs and why.

Advantix Flea & Tick Control for Dogs

Advantix for Dogs

Explore how Advantix protects your dogs against parasites and whether it is the right product for your dog.

Frontline Plus Flea Treatment for Dogs by Merial

Frontline Plus for Dogs

Discover why Frontline Plus is considered one of the least toxic flea and tick medications on the market.

Comfortis Flea Treatment for Dogs by Elanco

Comfortis for Dogs

Discover why Comfortis is the fastest acting flea treatment on the market and when to use it on your dog.


Interceptor Spectrum for Dogs

Interceptor Spectrum is a delicious monthly chew for dogs to control heartworm and all intestinal worms.


NexGard for Dogs

NexGard Chewables for Dogs is a monthly flea and tick treatment for dogs that comes in an easy to administer beef-flavoured chew.


Panoramis for Dogs

Panoramis is the fastest acting ‘all in one’ flea, heartworm and wormer. It comes in an easy-to-administer flavoured chew that avoids the need for a messy top-spot chemical.


Sentinel Spectrum for Dogs

Sentinel is a convenient all-in-one heartworm, intestinal wormer and flea product given monthly as a flavoured tablet.

Itchy Dog Feature

Bravecto for Dogs

Bravecto is a brand new flea and tick chew that only needs to be administered every 3 months, revolutionising the way we protect our pets.