Revolution for Cats: A Pet Parent’s Guide

Revolution is a monthly top spot treatment for intestinal worms, heartworm, fleas, lice and mites in cats.

What is it?

Cats can be very difficult to medicate by mouth. Revolution is simply administered via the skin on the back of the neck once monthly to effectively treat internal and external parasites. Revolution treats all the intestinal worms except tapeworm, fleas, lice, heartworm and mites.

Revolution can be used in kittens from just 6 weeks of age and is extremely safe to use. It can also be used in rabbits for mites and fleas.

How does it work?

Revolution contains the active ingredient selamectin that kills external parasites and internal parasites. Because it does not contain praziquantel, it will not treat tapeworm. Tapeworm is ingested via fleas (even dead ones) when grooming and through hunting behaviour and causes diarrhoea and weight loss.

The toxin in Revolution is very safe to other pets and to your cat, however if you have not previously treated your cat for heartworm and live in an area where heartworm is prevalent, it would be advisable to ask your vet to perform a heartworm test prior to starting Revolution.

When should you use it?

Revolution can be used from 6 weeks of age in kittens and should be used every month. Kittens should be treated for intestinal worms from 2 weeks of age until 12 weeks, then monthly.

What to look for when buying Revolution

Check to ensure all packaging is secure and the expiry date is within the timeframe of expected use of the product.

If your cat less than 2.5kg use Revolution puppies and kittens (pink)

If your cat is 2.6-7.5 kg use Revolution for adult cats (blue)

Where to buy?

Revolution is available over the counter from your Veterinarian, from online stores or from pet shops.

What else do you need?

Revolution does not treat tapeworm, so if your cat hunts and goes outdoors, use a separate tapewormer every 3 months in addition to your Revolution. If your cat does not hunt and you do not see fleas on your pet, Revolution is sufficient on its own.