Cat Products

When it comes to cat products there certainly are a lot of options. We share our thoughts on what products best meet your cat’s needs and why.


Frontline Plus for Cats: A Pet Parent’s Guide

Frontline Plus is a monthly parasite treatment for cats. It effectively treats fleas and is stored in the oily glands in the skin.

Advocate for Cats by Bayer

Advocate for Cats: A Pet Parent’s Guide

Advocate is a convenient top spot medication used for cats to cover intestinal worms, ear mites, lice, heartworm and fleas.


Profender for Cats: A Pet Parent’s Guide

Profender is a unique broad spectrum top spot medication that effectively kills intestinal parasites in cats, including tapeworm.


Revolution for Cats: A Pet Parent’s Guide

Revolution is a monthly top spot treatment for intestinal worms, heartworm, fleas, lice and mites in cats.