Cat Health & Wellness

Just like us, our cats can get sick. Keep on top of your cat’s health and wellness with tips and advice written and reviewed by our Vets.

allergies in cats


Does your cat have an itch it just can't scratch? Explore the common causes of allergies in cats and the various options for managing reactions.

Cat Behaviours


Explore the common causes of arthritis in cats and methods for ensuring your feline senior citizen remains happy and pain free.

dental care for cats

Dental Care

Are your cat's teeth clean? Learn more about dental care for cats and get tips to help ensure your cat has a clean and healthy mouth.

why you should desex your cat


Desexing your cat will prevent the arrival of an unwanted litter of kittens and have a positive impact on their health and temperament.

diabetes in cats


Inactivity and obesity can lead to a higher risk of diabetes in cats. Learn more about feline diabetes and lower the risk for your feline friend.

caring for your cat's ears

Ear Care

Does your cat have dirty ears? Learn more about ear care for cats and get tips to keep your cat's ears clean and free from infections.

exercising your cat


Getting enough exercise is just as important for your cat as it is for you. Explore our tips for keeping your feline friend in tip-top shape.

flea and tick control for cats

Fleas & Ticks

Fleas and ticks can cause serious health problems for your cat. Learn how you can keep your feline companion flea and tick free.

obesity in cats


We explore the health risks associated with obesity in cats and offer some useful tips for improving your cat's health and wellbeing.

regular vet checks for your cat

Regular Vet Checks

Regular visits to the vet can significantly improve early diagnosis and treatment of issues which may impact on your cat's health.

vaccinations in cats


A regular vaccination schedule plays an important role in keeping your cat healthy and protects them from viral infections.

worms in cats


Whilst worms in cats are mostly invisible, keeping your feline companion worm free is an absolute must for their health and comfort.


Help! My Cat Won’t Eat!

If your cat is fussy, sick, elderly or you need to change foods, you may have encountered how much your cat hates change. We can help get them eating again.