Getting Started

Choosing a cat can be a truly rewarding experience. We share our tips and advice to help ensure you get off to the right start.

Are you ready for a cat?

Are You Really Ready for a Cat?

Are you ready for a cat? It's an important question and one you need consider before bringing a feline friend into your family.

essential equipment for your cat

Cat Equipment Basics: What You Need

From collars and carriers to kitty litter and toys we take a look at all the equipment essentials you'll need to care for your feline friend.

Cat Ownership Benefits

The Real Benefits of Owning a Cat

If you have a cat in your life, you already know what joy your feline friend brings. We share some benefits that you might not know about.

creating a safe home for your cat

Bringing A Cat Home To A Safe House

Creating a comfortable, cozy and safe environment at home for your cat will help ensure they remain happy, healthy and content.