Warm & Fuzzy

It won’t come as too much of a surprise that sometimes our furry friends turn out to be our greatest heroes. We share some heart-warming stories that will make you melt inside.

german-shepherd-outside July 28

Layka: War Hero and Skydiving Dog

It’s not every day a dog jumps out of a plane. Layka served with the military in Afghanistan. She's an amazing dog who proved her bravery again and again.

sleeping labrador puppy featured July 20

Video: Puppy Comforts Friend Having A Nightmare

Is anything cuter than a golden retriever puppy? What if you saw that puppy comforting his older friend who is having a nightmare? You can't miss this video.

puppies - pet store June 24

Guilty Dog Videos

At Love That Pet, we love a good guilty dog video. So we just had to share the latest compilation video. You can't help but laugh at the poor pups!

donkey featured June 4

Mr G and Jellybean: An Unlikely Friendship

The story of Mr G the goat and his friendship with Jellybean the donkey and joy that is realised when they are reunited.

puppy smiling in grass featured June 2

The Share for Dogs Campaign

We actually hope this video goes viral. It's simple. All you have to do is watch a video of puppies, and you are raising money for a great cause.

May 22

Man’s Best Friend In Fight Against Alzheimer’s

This man suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. Leave it to a four-legged friend to help him find a way to communicate again.

dog heroes April 14

Heroic Stories of Australia’s True Underdogs

Dogs play an important role in our lives every day but every now and again a dog will do something that truly inspires us.