10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Dogs

Want to spoil your favourite furry friend for Christmas? Here are our top 10 Christmas gift ideas for your dog.

Edible Christmas Cracker for Dogs – $16

What better way to celebrate the Christmas season this year than giving your  pooch his or hers own edible Christmas Cracker that they can chew up and eat!

Reg and Ruby’s edible Christmas Cracker is made from 100% rawhide and coloured with natural vegetable colourings.

This edible gift is the perfect way to include your furry friend on Christmas Day.


Tripple Treat Dog Puzzle – $24

The Outward Hound Triple Treat Trotter Dog Puzzle is an interactive treat dispensing game that will bring out the genius in your dog.

The puzzle features 3 treat basins and 1 treat-loading compartment. Simply fill the compartment with your dog’s favourite treats or kibble for the fun to begin.

The puzzle challenges your dog to think outside the square: they have to paw and nuzzle the toy in order to land the treat in the outer basins and get their reward.

A great way to entertain your dog and provide them with mental stimulation.

Sleepypod Mobile Pet Carrier  – from $248

The only way to travel safely (and in style!) with your dog these holidays… Sleepypod is the only range of pet carriers and harnesses that are crash-tested and proven to keep your pet safe during a collision or sudden stop.

The Sleepypod Mobile Pet Carrier is three products in one: an everyday cat bed, a stylish carrier, and a safety-tested car seat. Ensures stress-free travel in the comfort of your pet’s own bed.


Edible Christmas Card – $14

Send your best friend their own Christmas Greetings card that they can chew up and eat – delicious!

Reg and Ruby’s edible greetings cards are made from 100% rawhide and coloured with natural vegetable colourings.

The Christmas Card comes with a paper note for a personal message and a pillow envelope to allow the card to be posted or made into a treat package.

Stocking Card

Drinkwell Water Fountain – $79

Proper hydration is essential for all pets, especially during summer. The Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain is a continuous free-falling stream of water that encourages your dog to drink more water.

Not only does the flowing stream of water keep it fresh, the constant circulation also inhibits bacteria growth and aerates the water with oxygen.

The Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain is ideal for households with a small to medium sized dog and can carry 1.5L of water.


Non Slip Slow Feeding Bowl – from $26

If your dog thinks meal time is a race then the Fun Feeder is for you!

The Outward Hound Fun Feeder helps to slow down meal times for dogs by encouraging them to forage for their food.

This slow feeding bowl can make it take up to ten times longer for dogs to eat their food, improving their digestion by making them eat at a healthy pace.

Outward Hound products are top quality and the Fun Feeders have been rigorously tested to stand the test of time against tough chewers!

Snooza Bumper Bed – from $119

What better way to spoil your pet this Christmas than with a comfy new bed?

The Snooza Bumper Bed is ideal for pets who like the security and comfort of a walled bed.

And for those of you with cheeky puppies… Snooza offers a lifetime guarantee on their products and free repair service!

Lavender, Lemon and Sage Gift Pack – $49

Perfect for the pooch that likes to be pampered, Essential Dog shampoos and conditioners are a safer, natural alternative for keeping your dog clean.

The range is inspired by aromatherapy, and contains calming scents to make bath time a more relaxed experience for your dog.

The Essential Dog Gift Pack includes a shampoo, leave-in conditioner and a spray deodoriser for in between washes. All products are pH balanced to ensure they are as mild as water, and only use natural sulphate-free ingredients.

Lavender Lemon and Sage for Puppies and Adults Gift Pack

Sleepypod Car Safety Harness – from $115

The Sleepypod Car Safety Harness is the only dog harness with 5-star safety certification.

It uses 3 points of seatbelt contact to reduce movement, and includes grade seatbelt webbing and a ballistic nylon exterior construction for optimal safety.

The harness redistributes and reduces damaging forces in an accident, and can also be used as an everyday harness.

Perfect for dogs that are too big for the Sleepypod Mobile Carrier or prefer to have a bit more freedom in the car.

Invincible Frog Toy – from $16

Does your dog love to destroy its toys? Then this may be the perfect Christmas present for your pooch…

The Extreme Seam Invincible Frog is a super durable toy for dogs that never stops squeaking – even when punctured!

Made from two layers of extra tough fabric, no stuffing or plastic eyes, and a squeaker that never loses its squeak, this toy is set to entertain your furry friend this festive season.

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