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Our pets continue to inspire some pretty incredible products. We review some of the coolest products and designs for you and your pets to enjoy.

top10christmas_petlovers_blog November 17

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

Looking for that perfect Christmas gift for the pet lover in your family? Here are our top 10 Christmas gift ideas for pet lovers.

top10christmas_cat_blog November 11

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Cats

There is nothing quite as fun as spoiling your fabulous feline friend for Christmas. Here are our top 10 Christmas gift ideas for your cat.

top10christmas_dog_blog November 11

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Dogs

Want to spoil your favourite furry friend for Christmas? Here are our top 10 Christmas gift ideas for your dog.

christmas dog feature December 23

Christmas Foods That Are Bad For Our Dogs

While it is tempting to slip our dogs some Christmas treats under the table, there are a few Christmas foods that can be bad for our dogs.

cat xmas feature December 5

5 Christmas Presents For Your Cat

With everyone else getting presents this Christmas, we’d better not forget our favourite family member. We have a list of presents especially for your feline friends.

christmas dog lover feature December 5

10 Christmas Presents for Dog Lovers

Is there someone on your list that you can’t think of anything for? Are they a dog lover? We may have you sorted with these Christmas present ideas.

christmas dog 2 feature December 4

5 Christmas Presents For Your Dog

There is nothing quite as fun as spoiling your favourite little pup for Christmas. We have put together a few gift ideas for our favourite furry friends.

dog talking feature November 28

Communicating with your dog? You might be able to soon

There is a team of engineers out there who are working on wearable technology that could help us to better communicate with our dogs.

Dog shaking hand featured September 28

Pawshake: A Community of Pet Sitters

Are you planning a trip away and having a hard time finding a pet sitter? Pawshake is the answer. Find a trusted, local pet sitter to look after your pets.

Meet Chief Lab Tester Cadbury September 19

Squeaker Poochlight Illuminating Collars and Leads

Do you walk your dog early in the morning or late at night? Looking for something to make you more visible? This could be the trick.

Dachshund playing with red ball September 18

iFetch: The Automatic Ball Launcher for Dogs

This automatic, dog-operated, ball launcher is sure to be adopted by owners of fetch-loving dogs in need of a reprieve for those tired arms.

Dog in Laundry Basket September 1

Would you Build a ‘Pet Suite’ in Your Home?

Standard Pacific Homes in California have recently started offering optional “pet suites” in their new homes. Would you have one in your home?