Rescue & Adoption

There are no pets more in need of love than those who are looking to be rescued or adopted. Check out our featured rescues looking for their fur-ever home.

Purebred border collie outdoors on a summer day. March 2

5 Questions to Ask Before Getting Your Next Pet

Deciding to get a new furry family member is an exciting time. There are so many cute, playful, loving cats and dogs out there - but how do you choose your perfect forever friend?

cleartheshelter February 26

Help Clear The Shelter at RSPCA

RSPCA NSW desperately wants to find forever homes for every single one of their shelter animals. But to do this, they need your help.

dog-kid-window-feature May 20

If You Have Ever Lost Your Pet, This is a Cause to Support

Have you ever lost a pet? Or know someone who has? These guys have a fantastic idea to make finding them again easier, but they need your support!

Bark Collar Feature March 16

Bark Collars: Do They Work?

Concern about dogs barking is the most common complaint from dog owners, with 35% of owners reporting problems with barking. So what is the best way to deal with it?

Dog, Shetland sheepdog, collie, sheltie. March 16

The Dominance Myth

Dominance can be a buzz word among dog owners, and make you worry about being seen as the "top dog". In reality, "dominance behaviours" are a bit of a myth.

guide dog puppy feature December 1

Interested in Becoming a Guide Dog Puppy Raiser?

Do you love puppies? Do you have some spare time? You could be just what Guide Dogs Australia is looking for in a Guide Dog puppy raiser.

Pet Adoption September 14

BarkBuddy: A Tinder-style App for Adopting Dogs

BarkBuddy is a fantastic app matching people who want to adopt dogs with dogs who want to be adopted. Read more about it here.

Japanese Shiba Inu August 11

Lost Dog? There’s an App for That Now Too

Over in the US an app has been developed that helps you find your lost dog via facial recognition technology. We run you through how it works.

german-shepherd-outside July 28

Layka: War Hero and Skydiving Dog

It’s not every day a dog jumps out of a plane. Layka served with the military in Afghanistan. She's an amazing dog who proved her bravery again and again.

140627-Bulldog July 3

Have a Mutt and Want to Find Out About His Ancestry?

Have you ever wondered what breed your dog is? A number of companies now offer to answer the question of where your dog comes from through DNA testing.

Puppies Featured June 15

Puppies are the Best Study Buddies

Students at a slew of Universities around the world have finally cracked the secret to relieving exam time stress... Puppies!

puppy smiling in grass featured June 2

The Share for Dogs Campaign

We actually hope this video goes viral. It's simple. All you have to do is watch a video of puppies, and you are raising money for a great cause.