Lady’s Adoption Story Will Melt Your Heart

You may have heard the story of Lady this week. If not, you’ll want to.

Lady is a beautiful black Lab whose long time owner passed away in 2012. Lady was put up for adoption and the old girl was taken in by a family who she lived with for two years. Just recently that family adopted another dog and had problems with the two living together. So they decided to give Lady up and took her to the pound.

Lady managed to escape the pound and walked 30 miles back to the family she had been with. Only for them to reject her a second time and send her straight back to the pound.

If your heart is breaking and you’re on the verge of tears for poor old Lady, don’t fret too much. The story of Lady reached none other than rich woman Helen Rich who immediately sent her assistant in a private plane to pick up Lady and welcome her into a world of love where she could live her final days in luxury being spoiled by some ultimate dog lovers.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Rich said Lady’s story resonated with her and she felt she had to take the old girl in and ensure she would never feel unloved or lonely again.

Lady is one lucky dog. There is nothing better than hearing about a dog who has had a tough few years being given the happiest of endings.