If You Have Ever Lost Your Pet, This is a Cause to Support

Have you ever lost a pet? Or know someone who has? Was the gameplan to write up some posters, drive the streets and check the pound?

It may be effective, but it’s also a little old school. With the technology we have today, surely there is a better way to find our lost loved ones. Andrew and Dorian from Sydney think so, too.

Earlier this year, one of their team members experienced the agony of losing a furry family member. They left no avenue unexplored in locating the missing pup and were fortunate enough to track him down. But, the experience got them thinking. How can we make this easier?

They came up with Finding Pets, an online web app that centralises everything you might need to find your pet should they get out, as well as how to prevent losing them in the first place.

The basic concept is that you upload photos and information online and that is distributed to local vets, pounds, the council, community groups and rescue services so that likeminded animal lovers and professionals can be on the lookout. They will even utilise social media to try to track down your pet, and we know how effective that can be.

There are similar services taking off in the US with a lot of success, so it would be great to bring such an amazing service to Australia. It is a fantastic idea, and easy to support. Simply head to their Kickstarter page and click the amount you want to donate. They have pledges of $5, $10, $25 or $50 set up, but they need to reach their target by April 24. So get pledging!