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We bring you the very best DIY projects for pets from around the web. The perfect place for people who love creating things for, or inspired by, their pets.

dog-chocolate-feature May 7

Chocolate Toxicity: What To Do If The Dog Finds Your Stash

Despite what our Nanas might insist, we all know Easter is all about the chocolate. Unfortunately, it can be very dangerous for pets. How much is too much and what should you do if your dog eats chocolate?

Boy-Camera-Dog-Feature March 25

8 Tips for Taking the Perfect Photo of Your Pet

Pictures of dogs and cats dominate hosting sites like Flikr and social platforms like Instagram. But getting the ideal picture of your dog can be tricky.

dog pool feature January 16

How to Keep your Dog Cool this Summer

The weather has been pretty warm lately (and our furry friends are noticing it, too). It's probably a good time to be thinking about ways we can help keep our pets cool.

peanut butter yoghurt feature December 19

Frozen Peanut Butter and Yoghurt Treats

It Summer time and we have found a five minute recipe for peanut butter and yoghurt frozen treats that your furry friends will absolutely love.

strawberry ice cream featured October 29

Homemade Dog Ice Cream

It’s nice to treat yourself to some dessert every now and again. Who doesn’t love indulging in a little bowl of ice cream? Now you can treat your dog too.

puppies at bowl featured August 22

Some Pet Meats Are Just Not Safe

Vets have long known about the risks of those ‘fresh’ meat products sold in supermarkets and pet stores. We share some of those concerns with you here.

grey cat featured August 9

How to Stop Your Cat Clawing Your Furniture

Cats use their claws for many things, including using those claws to shred furniture, or in my case doorframes. Here are some tips to make them stop.

cat-in-box July 22

DIY: Make Your Own Cat Maze at Home

After considering whether to buy Jimmy a cat maze, I thought about how simple it would be to make one at home. Here we demonstrate just how easy it was.

cat looking up featured July 14

10 Simple Tips to Help Your Cat Lose Weight

So, you have been told your feline friend is a little on the "round" side. Unlike dogs, we can’t just make sure our cat is going for walks. How can we help them lose weight?

140627-Cat-Toy July 8

DIY: How to Make a Felted Cat Toy

If you love to create, why not try making your own cat toys. Felting is a simple technique, with minimal costs. Just follow our easy, step-by-step guide.

DIY cat shoes featured June 22

DIY Cat Ballet Flats

An trend is emerging in cat-themed ballet flats. You can make your own by following these simple instructions for making an adorable pair of shoes.

vet checking ear featured June 10

How to Do a Physical Exam Like Your Vet

You may not have the fancy medical background but learning how to examine your pet can help you identify changes in their health.