Why you shouldn’t feed your Pet a Supermarket Diet

Buying pet food from the supermarket is quick, convenient and often cheaper. Unfortunately, it's also a lot less healthy and nutritious for your pet, and may cause serious and expensive health problems in the long run.

We know that what we put into our own bodies has a direct impact on how healthy we feel and our resistance to disease. If you survive on a diet of fast food and chocolate, your health will deteriorate and odds are so will your teeth – probably at the same rate that your waistline will increase.

The same goes for our pets. Feeding your cat or dog a bad quality diet is likely to lead to poor health, bad teeth and preventable illness.

The truth is that dogs and cats can survive on just about anything we feed them. But will they thrive? Research shows that feeding a premium diet will help your pet live 30% longer, increase their quality of life AND save you money in the long run by improving their overall health.

It may sound like a huge generalisation, but for the most part supermarket foods are not that great for our pets. Simply buying a brand that is endorsed by your favourite celebrity does not guarantee its quality either!

A diet full of indigestible cheap fillers ends up mostly coming out the other end. That means more poo and flatulence, and less vital nutrients being absorbed by your pet’s body.

Pet nutrition has come a long way over the last ten years. Unfortunately, as a result, the collection of different brands, foods and feeding practices can be a little overwhelming. So what should you look out for when choosing what to feed your furry family member?

Good quality pet food should…

  • have meat as the first ingredient
  • include none (or very little) cheap fillers
  • use good quality ingredients
  • be based on sound nutritional research
  • be made by a reputable company

Thinking about swapping to a premium pet food? Some of the brands recommended by our vets include Hill’s Science Diet, Ivory Coat and ZiwiPeak.