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Cute & Funny

dog walking featured image June 8

Leash Holding – Could it Really be Dangerous?

There is a right way and some wrong ways to hold your dog's leash. Avoid injuries to you and your dog and do it safely.

dog-kiss-feature April 25

A Doggie Kiss A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

In this week’s edition of random-research-people-do-about-our-dogs, apparently a big, old, slobbery smooch is your ticket to good health.

PUppy-feature April 5

A Dog’s Short Term Memory is… Pretty Short

Ever wonder why when we tread on our dogs' tails all seems to have been forgotten 2 minutes later? The answer might actually have more to do with science than their beautiful, forgiving natures.

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Health & Wellbeing

iStock_000034391460_Large February 3

Why you shouldn’t feed your Pet a Supermarket Diet

Buying pet food from the supermarket is quick, convenient and often cheaper. Unfortunately, it's also a lot less healthy and nutritious for your pet, and may cause serious and expensive health problems in the long run.

iStock_000015315288_Large January 27

How to Bathe your Cat and Survive Scratch-Free

Cats are generally quite good at keep themselves clean, and rarely do they need a bath (let alone want one). Those few times that they do, however, usually fill their owners with anxiety and dread... after all, those claws are pretty sharp!

iStock_000010583274_Large January 13

Help your Furry Friend Lose Weight this New Year

Have you spoiled your pet a bit too much over Christmas? Let's talk about pet obesity, why those extra pounds can be so bad for their health, and how to help them slim down...

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Homemade & DIY

dog-chocolate-feature May 7

Chocolate Toxicity: What To Do If The Dog Finds Your Stash

Despite what our Nanas might insist, we all know Easter is all about the chocolate. Unfortunately, it can be very dangerous for pets. How much is too much and what should you do if your dog eats chocolate?

Boy-Camera-Dog-Feature March 25

8 Tips for Taking the Perfect Photo of Your Pet

Pictures of dogs and cats dominate hosting sites like Flikr and social platforms like Instagram. But getting the ideal picture of your dog can be tricky.

dog pool feature January 16

How to Keep your Dog Cool this Summer

The weather has been pretty warm lately (and our furry friends are noticing it, too). It's probably a good time to be thinking about ways we can help keep our pets cool.

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Love That Pet News & Views

normanhurstvet_logo February 24

Normanhurst Vet Practice Joins Love That Pet

The team at Normanhurst Vet thank you for letting us be a part of your pets' lives & are looking forward to continuing the adventure with you as Love That Pet!

iStock_000060704362_Large February 17

Why Your Pet Needs To See The Dentist Every 6 Months

Eighty percent of dogs and cats over the age of three suffer from dental disease. That's a lot of pets with painful mouths! And if your furry friend hasn't seen the dentist in the last year, chances are they're one of them.

vetsandpets July 14

Dr Dave’s Vets & Pets Joins Love That Pet

The team at Vets & Pets Thank You for letting us be a part of your pets' lives and are looking forward to continuing the adventure with you as Love That Pet!

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Rescue & Adoption

Purebred border collie outdoors on a summer day. March 2

5 Questions to Ask Before Getting Your Next Pet

Deciding to get a new furry family member is an exciting time. There are so many cute, playful, loving cats and dogs out there - but how do you choose you perfect forever friend?

cleartheshelter February 26

Help Clear The Shelter at RSPCA

RSPCA NSW desperately wants to find forever homes for every single one of their shelter animals. But to do this, they need your help.

dog-kid-window-feature May 20

If You Have Ever Lost Your Pet, This is a Cause to Support

Have you ever lost a pet? Or know someone who has? These guys have a fantastic idea to make finding them again easier, but they need your support!

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Shopping & Design

top10christmas_petlovers_blog November 17

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

Looking for that perfect Christmas gift for the pet lover in your family? Here are our top 10 Christmas gift ideas for pet lovers.

top10christmas_cat_blog November 11

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Cats

There is nothing quite as fun as spoiling your fabulous feline friend for Christmas. Here are our top 10 Christmas gift ideas for your cat.

top10christmas_dog_blog November 11

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Dogs

Want to spoil your favourite furry friend for Christmas? Here are our top 10 Christmas gift ideas for your dog.

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Vet Care

iStock_000027046868_Large February 24

5 Warning Signs of Bloat That Could Save Your Dog’s Life

Bloat in dogs is unfortunately a common and often fatal emergency, but there is a way you can prevent it happening.

K Laser Therapy July 24

Like Fancy Pet Gadgets? We Love the Healing Powers of K-laser!

K-Laser enhances natural healing and is wonderful for osteoarthritis and chronic wounds. It is particularly great for pets since it is completely pain free.

feature image vet dog July 19

How to make your Pet love Vet Visits

Is your pet a little worried when going to the doctor? At Love That Pet we want your pets to love coming to the vet.

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Warm & Fuzzy

iStock_000052608700_Large February 10

Introducing A New Pet To Your Furry Family

Bringing a new pet into our lives is a fun and exciting time. For our other pets, though, it can be an uncertain and unsettling experience. With a few simple steps (and lots of patience!) we can help improve the chances of everyone getting along.

iStock_000019346089_Large January 6

Boredom Busters for Active Dogs

Some dogs have a lot of energy, and simply taking them for a daily walk is often not enough to tire them out. Here are some boredom buster ideas that will keep your furry friend entertained for hours.

iStock_000032345428_Large December 17

Camping with your Dog

Thinking about taking your pooch with you on your next camping getaway? Here is an easy checklist to prepare yourself for your upcoming road trip.